Take control of results about you

We’re here to help you find personal info you see on Google. You can ask to remove any results that bother you.

How it works

How to find and remove results with your contact info

When you've added your contact info in settings, we’ll check to see if that info shows up in search results. New results about you will appear within "Results to review," where you can make removal requests.

You can also request to remove results that you see on Google Search, by selecting “Remove result” from the menu icon next to any result that includes your contact info.

What happens to the info you add to the form

Google uses the contact info you provide to check if it matches the information on a result's web page.

It's not shared or used to personalize your experience across other Google products. Learn more

How to remove results about you that don't show your contact info

If a result shows personal information that isn't your contact info, you can ask to remove it through a different form.

Learn more about how to remove different kinds of personal info

If you want to make a removal request for legal reasons, please do that here.

How Google reviews removal requests

Google reviews every request to make sure it meets policy requirements for removal. That includes checking to make sure the information on your request form matches what’s on the result webpage, and that the webpage isn’t owned by a government or educational institution. This usually takes a few days.

How to remove your info from the source

Removing a result from Search doesn’t mean it’s gone from the internet. People searching for your information may still be able to find it by going to the webpage directly or through a different search engine.

If you’re comfortable, contact the website owner to have your contact info removed from the website. Learn how to contact a website owner.

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